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Forget everything you’ve been taught about how to manage your money. Its time for a reality check!


PFS, the home of smart, effective solutions, crafted with skill, decades of wisdom and your best interests at heart


If you are serious about your future and financial security and frustrated about not achieving your financial goals, it is imperative that you relook your financial planning strategy NOW!!!

Some startling facts:

Most South Africans spend more than they actually earn – not because they want to, but more because they have to. Are you, too, walking the road to potential bankruptcy?

Approximately one-third of South Africans with life insurance are at risk of the claims not being paid. How sure are you that your claim will be paid?

More than 85% of South Africans will be forced to work beyond retirement age, as they just cannot afford to retire. Can you?

Most financial plans are overpriced “off the Shelf” solutions that are mismatched to actual needs. This leads to shortfalls, wastage and exposure to unnecessary risk and expense. Is your portfolio optimally structured to give you the best bang for your Buck?

Most people fail to achieve their financial goals because of poor financial planning and the sheer lack of expert guidance and support needed to succeed, despite often being promised this and sometimes even after having paid for it. How effective have your advisors been in ensuring that you reach your goals?

Wealth Creation

Budgeting and financial planning

This is key in ensuring that hard earned money is not wasted, but rather employed with a careful and financially-efficient strategy to accumulate wealth.

Risk Management

Claims Management

Up to a quarter of all life insurance claims are repudiated. Medical aid repudiations are probably higher. PFS specializes in assisting clients to structure their products and claims correctly so that the risk of repudiation is minimized.

Lifestyle Planning

Planning for marriage

We can assist with savings products and advice as well as advice on structuring pre-nuptial agreements.

When starting a family there are many things to consider, like will mom go back to work? Au Pair assistance and a myriad of other considerations including children’s education and even insurance cover for the child.

Wealth Preservation

Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is the foundation of a good Estate Plan, as it directs as to how your financial affairs are to be finalized after your passing. A well – structured Will can assist in ensuring that finances are dealt with in a smart and tax – efficient manner, which in turn could mean that your beneficiaries get more. A well – structured Will is thus vital, especially if you have dependents.

About us!

Rafieq Saville

Rafieq is a seasoned financial services professional with more than 30 years experience gained across various areas within the industry. Over and above that experience, Rafieq also served in leadership roles with various industry bodies, held positions on committees of the Life Office Association of SA and the Financial Services Board and, has worked on a number of financial services research projects globally. He has appeared on television and has been regularly quoted on his views and opinions in both the local and international media.

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At PFS the client is our number one priority.

a silent partner in my business

Rafieq and his team do not just have my financial interests at heart but also my well being. It is like having a silent partner in my business. He treats all my dealing as if its his own. Queries and requests are dealt with efficiently and effectively. The over whelming impression is that of integrity and honesty. I highly recommend PFS.

Dr Riaz Ismail


Innovative and effective solutions to complex financial and lifestyle problems, delivered, honestly, simply and cost effectively.

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